Historic Ashtabula Harbor


Among the port where the Ashtabula River meets Lake Erie is a vibrant entertainment district in Northeast Ohio known for its historic buildings, local retail shops, and eclectic restaurants.  During the 19th century, Ashtabula Harbor was considered a major stop on the Underground Railroad during the American Civil War where slaves once boarded ships here to freedom North across Lake Erie on their way to Canada.  The area is known for a variety of great events including the Beach Glass Festival, Wine & Walleye Festival, The Arts on Bridge Street and more. Visit the Historic Ashtabula Harbor to explore a variety of flavors, sights, sounds, and history.


Bridge Street

A popular attraction for both locals and visitors with nearby beaches and parks on Lake Erie, marinas and boat clubs, the cleanest river on Lake Erie, local museums and a growing list of unique shops, as well as good places to dine and drink, the Harbor has become a regional destination for Tourism, Recreation and Entertainment.




Bridge Street has a number of award-winning restaurants that offer some of the best food creations between Cleveland and Buffalo along the Lake Erie shoreline.  Offering upscale dining options, a family-friendly Italian pizzeria, and flavorful Southern BBQ, Bridge Street has become a foodie destination among some of the best in the Midwest.




Bridge Street has various shops that create a local atmosphere welcoming individuals from any location. Each shop is proudly owned and operated from a local level that have not just grown up in the area but have come to this area to be a part of this up and coming historic district.



Ashtabula Arts Center

Founded in 1953, the first Fine Arts Center was a house located on the corner of Rt. 20 and Lake Avenue (where the YMCA parking lot and outdoor playground is now). It was primarily used for music lessons and as a small art gallery. In 1968, the Fine Arts Center and the Ashtabula Playhouse merged to create what is now the Ashtabula Arts Center.



Walnut Beach

A popular destination for everyone just blocks away from Bridge Street. A recently updated area that features areas to have a picnic, play volleyball, play areas for children, or simply lay out in the sun on the beach near one of the Great Lakes.